Love Her Hate Her - Ingrid Montgomery

Ingrid Montgomery’s new book: Love Her, Hate Her

As a counselor and psychotherapist, Ingrid Montgomery’s work with self-harming adolescents and young adults grew from a highly personal experience.

At 16 years old, Ingrid’s daughter, Victoria, was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Statistically, Anorexia Nervosa occurs in about 0.5 percent of girls and young women in developed society and has the highest death rate (20 percent in two years) of all mental illnesses. It is also the third most common chronic illness among adolescents.

Ingrid’s book Love Her, Hate Her documents their five-year struggle with this insidious disease. One of only a few books available in Australia to document the experience from perspective of the parent or carer, Ingrid draws on her counseling and psychotherapy training to:

  • Offer advice and strategies to other families in the grip of an eating disorder
  • Address the dangerous denial that all too often delays diagnosis
  • Unpack the therapeutic relationships and treatments available
  • Share, based on her personal and professional experience with eating disorder sufferers, what works and what does not
  • Explain the difference between a healthy and unhealthy carer, and pinpoints the traps parents and carers can fall into
  • Give hope - the nature of an eating disorder means Ingrid’s daughter may never be completely cured but today she has strategies and a mindset to better help her cope

Book Reviews:

Refreshingly frank.
I have just completed your book and the pure honesty and reflection of the journey for you and Victoria is well written and informative. I will be promoting it amongst my peers up here (northern Queensland) as it gives you practical steps and thoughts to consider when going through this journey with a loved one.
My stomach was in a knot from the first chapter and tears flowed. What an amazing journey, full of emotion. Really beautiful Ingrid. Well done. An honest, sad, happy journal.
I have read the book and can relate to a lot of the feelings you have shared.
Written from the heart and I am sure the book will help many other sufferers.
It was a very emotional read, congratulations, you have certainly achieved what you set out to do.